Elite Year-Round Track and Field Training

Fall Training

Starting in September, the JAC will be offering training opportunities for those athletes who want to train for their events year round.  This is a one of a kind opportunity for any track and field athlete who is serious about their sport.  Training in the fall for the spring and summer competition season gives the athlete a huge advantage to their competitors!  We will also be doing an indoor meet on Saturday, December 15th in Winston Salem, North Carolina for those athletes who would be interested.  Meet information is here!

After the athletes take a few weeks off from the summer club, and after they have a few weeks of school under their belt, we start training again.  The training group will start Tuesday, September 4th, and conclude on Saturday, December 1st.  We will be offering training 5 days a week (Monday - Friday) and the combined event athletes will also throw on Saturdays.  Training will be at The Bolles School, and will go from 4pm-6pm. Time will be dedicated on event specific conditioning, speed and power development, as well as technical development for all events.  This fall we will also be teaching Olympic and power lifting movements to the older athletes, as this will help their speed, power, and overall coordination.  

*Our throwers will throw on Tues / Thurs from 4pm-5:30pm, and will spend the other days working on speed and power development with the other coaches*

The cost for the fall training group is $200 a month, or $600 for the entire fall period.  Contact us for any questions at all about our fall training.

JAC Club Registration Packet

2018 December Practice Times

                                                             We do THIS in the fall..........                                                      .....to prevent THIS in the spring......
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