Pole Vault Ramp

In March of 2018 we saw a video that we thought was cool (see here).  So we decided to build our own ramp for our pole vaulters to use!

After much research and planning from our JAC engineering team, we set aside a Saturday in August to build our ramp.  With 7 guys we were able to complete our project in around 4 hours.  We can't wait for our vaulters to use it!

Please see below for some more info on our ramp.  Come visit anytime to use it!

JAC Pole Vault Ramp Specifications
-Ramp is 66' long, so all vaulters can fit a 4 step approach
-Ramp at the highest point is 5'
-Ramp decreases 1' in height for every 10' in length
-The last 20' of the ramp is flat, 1' off the ground
-Surface of the ramp is Mondo Super X
-Ramp was constructed entirely of 3/4" plywood, i-joists, 2x6s and decking screws
-Total cost of lumber was $880

Building the Ramp Time-Lapse Video!

Pictures of the Ramp
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