Elite Year-Round Track and Field Training
Private Lessons
One of the best ways to maximize growth and improvement is through private one on one lessons.  At the Jacksonville Athletic Club, we offer this format in two different ways:

Personal Coaching / Private Lessons – One-on-one sessions are carefully designed around an athlete’s schedule and individual training needs.  This effective training method focuses on an athlete’s growth and development through a structured and attentive training environment. These sessions are available for all track and field events. Each lesson is based on development as sessions will last anywhere from 1-2 hours.  

Payment for lessons can be either cash, check (made out to Jacksonville Athletic Club) or by paypal (click logo below for payment). 

Call (423-943-5507) or email track@jaxtrack.com to set up lessons!

JAC Club Registration Packet

Individual Session


2 Athletes

 $25 per person

3 –5 Athletes

$20 per person

over 5 Athletes

$10 per person



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